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Volunteer Resources

Introduction for Hosts and Docents
This presentation welcomes our volunteers and provides an introduction of what we do, and what they can expect.  Download.
Talking Points – Coming Soon
This presentation gives details about our exhibits, and provides ideas of how to talk about the points that each exhibit is intended to bring out during discussion.  
Writing Names in Hebrew
This presentation provides guidelines for our volunteers for writing names in Hebrew.  Download.

vounteerdownloadHealth Guidelines for the Ethnic Food Fair –

How to Handle Food, Set Up Your Tent, etc. We are inspected during the event.  It is important to know and adhere to the guidelines so we can pass inspection. Open


Food Handler Test Booklet
This presentation provides guidelines for food handlers.  You will be directed to San Diego Unified Schools website to download the guide.
Our events require us to have ”Certified” food handlers on site. You can become certified by taking the course online. The House of Israel will pick up the cost! Let us know if you are interested!