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Counter Depicting Dead Sea Scrolls

Counter Depicting Dead Sea Scrolls

The House of Israel celebrated its reopening on June 12, 2011, after enjoying its first renovation in 63 years.

When you enter the new House, you will stand before a wall made of Jerusalem stone, generously donated by the Father’s Church in La Mesa.  A television monitor set into the wall plays a video introducing visitors to Israel.

Our counter depicts a replica of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

TimeLineC copy

The timeline pillar is made of stone tiles of different lengths that correlate to the length of the era they represent. At the foot of the pillar – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, at the top- The state of Israel. A blue line runs throughout reflecting our roots in the land and our connection to our forefathers.

Jerusalem Stone Wall

Jerusalem Stone Wall

In our showcase room, flat-screen monitors feature interactive displays about Israel’s people, culture, history, innovations, goodwill, and humanitarian aid.



In our exhibits you will find some of Israel’s new products, such as the camera pill and memory stick, drip irrigation, religious artifacts, and displays about Jewish Holidays.

Come in and find out what you never knew about Israel!

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