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Call For Artists

The call for artists is now closed. View our digital art exhibit here.

To submit compelling works for an exclusive publication (short stories/ poems/ sculptures/ drawings/3D/ photographs/ paintings/etc.) that express your personal connection to the land of Israel or/and to its people.

Background: In the heart of San Diego’s Balboa Park nests the tiny House of Israel, which showcases Israel’s past and present through its remarkable scientific, humanitarian and cultural achievements.  These accomplishments have made Israel the most democratic and successful economy in the Middle East. Tens of thousands of visitors from around the world have walked through our exhibits, frequently departing with something new they have learned about Israel. Other organizations around the world flaunt Israel’s Nobel laureates, its sustainable technological breakthroughs, and the abundance of its innovative start-up companies.

Yet, when asked what connects one to Israel, the answer often shifts to a more personal realm of subjective experience that evokes in people a far more meaningful and lasting impression. Our intention is to give voice to these personal expressions and to present them in the most alluring and artistic manner.


Open to individuals, writers and artists regardless of nationality, religion or age

Please note: The House of Israel is a non-political organization and all submissions should confirm to this. HOI reserves the right to refrain from publishing inappropriate material.


Original work only; Up to 2 different mediums per entry

Verbal: up to 1000 words emailed as Word attachment

Visual: up to 3 images per medium, emailed as JPG attachments, min. 300 dpi

No entry fee

Deadline: 30 December 2013

Outcome:  Submissions will be displayed at the House Of Israel’s digital exhibit, and on the House of Israel website including acknowledgement and link to the author/artist’s website. Selected works will be printed for a special edition of a high quality art book with additional quotes and biographical details.

For more information please email Smadar Samson, Curator, or use the form below.

  1. Hadass Shereshevsky permalink

    פעילותכם מעניינת אותי. אשמח לשלוח עבודות אמנות.

  2. אשמח לשתף פעולה ולהציג צילומים מהגלרייה שלי “אין לי ארץ אחרת”

  3. shlomo zanilevitch. permalink

    itsmy pleasure to introduce some o my works in watercolor painting ,represented israeli’s sites.

  4. Rochelle Mass permalink

    To the editors:
    I tried to submit the poem below in the submission box, however, my e-mail was not accepted:

    Rochelle Mass
    Gan Ner, Israel

    I came to join the women

    I came to a place where cotton grew out of yellow hearts
    where bitter olives were picked and cured
    where melons with green flesh grew on top of the hill
    where etched numbers from camps
    were told
    and told again

    Why did you come?
    they ask me
    and ask again

    I couldn’t say then but
    after forty years and more I know
    I came to join the women before me –
    Devorah first to judge and
    Yael first to command troops
    on the Gilboa ridge and Jezabel
    who flashed oval eyes at soldier boys and
    Michal daughter to a king who
    lost his head on that same height of land.

    I came to join the women before me
    take my place
    make things new
    in the land of Jezre’el
    the lord himself sowed.

    After they drained the swamps, I came
    after Golda joined a kibbutz just down the road
    after eucalyptus rooted in the tough earth
    and after pine and sycamore
    bent to the wind

    Why did you come?
    Why do you stay?
    they ask

    I walk down the road to the Kings’ Way
    where the tillers, the farmers carve the slim land.

    The cotton is swelling again
    I remember when I came and why.

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