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70 Years of Craft and Design

In celebration of Israel’s 70th anniversary, Mingei International Museum, in collaboration with its neighbor in San Diego’s historic Balboa Park, the 70 year-old House of Israel, mounted a magnificent exhibition of Israeli craft and design. Beautifully laid out and filled with an expansive range of creations in a broad breadth of mediums, the exhibition exemplified the imagination, innovation and resourcefulness of a developing nation.

The accompanying book, “Israel: 70 Years of Craft & Design,” beautifully captures the excitement of the museum event, presenting historical data as well as wonderful, page-size black & white and color plates of a sweeping array of craft and design creations: textiles, jewelry, ceramic, religious and ceremonial objects, furniture and clothing, and many more, with excellent accompanying explanatory information, and an outstanding, enlightening introduction by exhibition curator Smadar Samson.

The spirit of creation – for Art’s sake, for functionality, for ceremonial/historical use, representing both individuality and unity – is stunningly displayed in the book. The striking cover, a detail from Noa Raviv’s ‘Ensemble from Hard Copy Collection’ (2014), created with 3-D software, hints at the wildly imaginative modernity and ingenuity that sits side by side, as it always has in Israel, with reverence for antiquity.

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 Please view some of the sample pages below.

The cost is $48 per copy $28 for Hanukkah & Holiday season and includes shipping within the US.  To support the House of Israel and purchase a copy of this incredible 218 page art book, please fill out the contact form below. We will quickly email you back an invoice with a payment link to complete your order. We accept all major credit cards along with PayPal.


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